📈 Digital Marketing Strategies – Going Beyond the Basics – Udemy course

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This one-of-a-kind Digital Marketing Strategies will introduce you into all aspects of developing a digital marketing strategy and plan. I’ve kept this course entertaining, with several assignments you can do to sharpen up your skills until your final lecture where we’ll write a marketing plan together. I aimed to turn this into the only course you’ll ever need to get you started with creating EFFECTIVE digital marketing strategies.

We’ll discuss how you can speed up the strategic thinking process, create new goals, set priorities, and, most importantly, build a digital marketing plan with everything this includes: from establishing a buyer persona, to doing market research, keeping track of what your competitors are doing, and creating efficient strategies for the platforms that will work you and so much more.

I’ll also show you how you can use modern tools to create better strategies (you’ll love this). I started this course with real strategy examples in mind because I believe you need to see what good strategies actually look like and not just hear about them.

I’ll keep things simple and concise while I show you how YOU can come up with your own unique digital marketing strategy ideas and optimize your current marketing tactics to their full potential. This course for planning your marketing tactics and creating digital strategies is also a good fit if you’re looking for extra motivation to get you started with creating a strategy that will work for you and your business.

Together we’ll discuss both common and specific marketing situations so you can be prepared to create one for any audience and deliver the results they want. As a bonus, I am always available to answer any questions you might have. I’ll use my experience and knowledge to guide you through this learning journey, help you improve your strategic thinking, and get you started with taking your marketing strategies one step further.

Here’s a detailed look at what each section of this marketing course will teach you:

Section 1 – I’ll introduce you into the of strategic marketing and help you understand the importance of building a marketing strategy for your business. I’ll also show you how you can prioritize your general business and marketing goals using actionable methods.

Section 2 – You’ll learn all of the steps you need to know to start building a digital marketing strategic plan. I’ll teach you how to make the right marketing decisions and what you’ll need for the decision-making process.

Section 3 – You’ll find out how to do market research the right way and make it work for you. We’ll also look at the best methods and websites you can use for analyzing your competitors.

Section 4 – I’ll show you how you can build a buyer persona and understand which strategies work for each step of the buyer’s journey. You’ll get to learn the fundamentals of convincing your clients to choose your over your competitors as well and make the difference between features and benefits so you can use them to your advantage in your strategies.

Section 5 – We’ll have a close look at all of the tools you can use to anticipate any market trends your potential clients might want to keep up with. As an extra, we’ll analyze the importance of using digital marketing analytics data to create your marketing strategy.

Section 6 – In this part of this complete course, we’ll understand the fundamentals of vital elements like pricing, budgets, and online platforms you can use to establish a solid marketing strategy. I’ll also give you an exclusive look at the process I use for building a digital marketing plan myself.

Section 7 – Finally, we’ll review the key takeaways for this digital marketing strategy course.


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