Alexander Hoffmann – Changing role of digital systems in decision making | WHU Inside Business

Alexander Hoffmann, Industry Manager & Data Strategy Lead at Google, talks about the new role of digital systems in business decision making and gives advice for current students on which skills be most relevant for their later working life.

Interviewed by Prof. Dr. Christian Schlereth, Chairholder of the Digital Marketing Chair at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management.

Recorded: Vallendar, January 2020.

Interview overview:

►0:20 Introduction by Alexander Hoffmann

► 1:08 With the rising importance of AI and machine learning and their use for business decision making, do you see a shift in responsibility of IT functions within businesses?

► 2:06 Will IT eventually take over marketing?

► 2:45 One often heard argument is that companies do not use the full potential of their data. From your experience, is that true and what are these companies still missing?

► 4:18 We often see data driven success stories, but rarely, failure stories. Do they not exist or is it something that is not talked about?

► 5:20 Which advice would you give to current students in the field of data driven business to be prepared for their later working life? Are there any specific skills that you consider most-important and others that lost relevance?
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Team 2019/2020:

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Video Production
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