Coming off my Success Junkie High: I bring you how to generate leads that brings value

Coming off my Success Junkie High: I bring you how to generate leads that brings value
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Yesterday I attended an event called the “Success Junkie Summit”. Produced by Serita Love, the CEO and founder of  Branding Agency “Success Junkie”. The event was jammed pack with Chicago’s Royalty from F**k Fame Founder and CEO Dave Williams to the Founders of Super Group Urban Intellectuals, Power Executives such as Nick Cooper and more!

Hosted by The Six Brown Chicks Correspondent Cabryl Chats, attendees got high off a dose of Black Excellence, enjoyed amazing drinks by Black Owned Bleu Vodka, then to top it off, Dominique Turner CEO of Chicago Scholars | (Barack & Michelle Obama) Fellow gave the Keynote and spoke on how we need to DARE TO BE THE BEST!!!


As I drove home I thought to myself, I met a ton of people, how do I network with them all? Should we ONLY have to wait in geniuses like Serita Love to produce networking extravaganzas such as yesterday to connect with my base or do I live off my high that I got and take matters into my own hands?

It hit me like a ton of bricks…. How do we LEAD GENERATE? This article was inspired by Serita Love! Love you sis!72486600_10157756398029938_6555234977011728384_n

Lead generation is not only about how you generate the leads. It also deals with how you develop further relationship processes. Here are the process


To help you know what you are working towards, it makes sense to define the term “lead” for yourself. It’s best to set four to five criteria that must distinguish a lead so that it’s relevant to your sales objective. You can consult the BANT criteria here. BANT stands for:

B udget: What budget has the prospective available?

A uthority: Does the interested party have decision-making authority?

N eed: Is there a need in your company?

T ime: In which period should the investment take place?

In addition, according to the Buyer Persona concept, you should define which data you still need in the context of lead generation: E-mail address? Surname? Position in the company?

Only if there is a complete profile of the lead, you can provide him with tailored content and create a suitable offer in due course. You can find further information about the Buyer Persona in our comprehensive article here in the blog.


In order to ideally accompany a lead in the purchase process, content should be offered to him, which provides him with added value at every stage of his purchase process. It is important to catch the attention of the potential customer without immediately pushing him to buy a product.

Personally relevant and informative content such as e-books, checklists and whitepapers, from which the prospective customer can actually benefit, are particularly suitable for this purpose. The focus here should be on helping potential customers with problem solving in advance.

In the case of B2B lead generation, it is often the case that interested parties find out about the Internet long before they buy it. It is precisely in this information phase that you should call the prospective customer’s attention, so that he decides on your product or service when he goes into the buying phase.


Registration forms on a website for whitepapers and ebook are of course part of a lead management campaign. So that you do not stumble over any legal pitfalls, it is advisable to deal with the current legal situation.

Especially with regard to the forthcoming EU data protection regulation, you should know all possible pitfalls regarding data protection and then check your company. That’s why we’ve put together a DSGVO checklist with the key points to consider in lead management and email marketing.


The basic principle in lead management is that a prospective customer who is looking for a problem solution or a product first wants to obtain information before he needs a concrete purchase offer. If he is confronted too early with product offers or sales talks, he will flee right away.

I mean, you will invest in campaigns and content for nothing. Therefore, the first thing to do is to further develop the lead by means of nurturing campaigns.

The important thing to keep in mind is the right timing. The more content your prospect consumes, the more likely it is to respond positively to a personal contact request from you.

Therefore, set on multi-tiered Nurture campaigns and offer your lead further information according to his interests. To make B2B lead generation successful, you need to send the relevant information at the right time.


In order to optimally assess how ready your lead is for a specific offer, you need a well-thought-out rating system called lead scoring. It is a kind of points system in which values are assigned. For example:

  • The profile of the prospective customer, which can be successively completed during the lead management process. With further communication, you will know about the company size, intended time of purchase or projected project period, etc
  • The interest. You can detect this based on the freebie you offer

In this way, you can address your prospective customers in the context of lead generation personally and pick them up individually according to their needs.


You’re right, if you think that both generating new leads and nurturing can be very tedious. To facilitate these processes, you should use a marketing automation solution that automates the process.

An appropriate software, such. Aweber helps to capture and use the contacts. For this purpose, pre-definable program steps are created in the system with which leads can be recorded, further developed and qualified. This allows you to fully automatically generate and develop leads following the development of a strategic lead management process and the implementation of these campaigns in your software.


Nowadays, some email marketing software already have marketing automation system. They recognize when a topic is interesting for the lead, send him a personalized message and offer him appropriate content. Of course, all of them happen based in your manual settings at front.

In general, using such a marketing automation solution can greatly simplify communication, for example when it comes to who should receive which message and when: about 7 days after a download or 12 days after a webinar?

By hand one would surely be overwhelmed with it quickly. Therefore, it pays to use a suitable system that takes over and automates these tasks. In this way, you can generate B2B Leads completely automatically in the future.

What Now?

Nowadays, the focus on lead generation is done via websites, social media, content and email marketing. Here, the companies even want to invest further and expand these lead generation measures.

On the other hand, brochures and print ads are increasingly being cut back, as the costs and manual efforts are significantly higher. Moreover, this method has no chance to evaluate and develop the prospect data. Therefore, you should rely on internet solutions if you want to successfully generate qualified leads.

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