Digital Altitude Online Marketing Tips – Key Tips For Success

Digital Altitude Online Marketing Tips – Key Tips For Success

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After attending the first Digital Altitude Mastery Marketing Event last weekend, I took a TON of notes!

As Ray Higdon states… Your notes are like your unwashed checks!

In the Digital Altitude conference, we learned a lot of tips & tricks for online marketing as well as having the right mindset.

One of the things I wanted to share in this video was Key Marketing Tips.

1) Social Proof – whatever you’re marketing, talking about or promoting, people need to “SEE” the value in it before the decide to join or buy. People will feel a lot more comfortable when they see other people jumping on the band wagon.
This will also give people a sense of security when it comes to buying from you or joining your opportunity.

2) Authority Positioning – By using video marketing or social proof that what you are talking about has value, you are making yourself an authority, either online or in your specific niche.
The you can educate people on their pain points or help them, the more of an authority you will become. You do not have to be an expert, just remember the acronym ILT (Invest, Learn, Teach).

3) Give VALUE – What you want to focus on here is solving peoples problems by the value or content that you create. In other words, what information you are sharing must be of value to someone else. Give value daily!!

4) Your Own Story – Ensure that you have a story! Share your story often, whether it be with a FB post, a blog, a video, ensure that your audience knows who you are and what you stand for. Make sure you have a solid WHY. And if your why doesn’t make you cry, then perhaps you need another why! Keep it real!

At the next Digital Altitude event in Hawaii I’m sure there will be much more great info, tips and tricks that I’ll be able to share with you!

If you got some value from this video, leave a comment below and be sure to like and share!

Make it a great day!

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