Digital Marketing Basics for Beginners – What's Digital Marketing and How it Works?

In this tutorial you will learn digital marketing basics for beginners. You will learn what marketing is, how it works online and what are the fundamentals that an individual needs to learn in order to become a successful digital marketer!

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This tutorial is called Digital Marketing Basics for Beginners for a REASON. It will not turn you into an expert right away and it will not help you make a million dollars by the end of the month.

What it will help you with is understanding the fundamentals of digital marketing. How it works and what things you should learn.

Video Summary:
– What is Marketing
– What is Digital Marketing
– Digital Marketing Basics
– What is SEO
– What is Content Marketing
– What is Email Marketing
– What is a Sales Funnel

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Builderall is a digital marketing platform that has all the tools you need to become a digital marketer. It has Sales Funnels, Autoresponders, Website Builders and Hosting Service, Social Media Managers, Image and Video Editing Software and Much More.

It’s like Clickfunnels, Aweber, WordPress, Social Media Managing Apps, Adobe and more COMBINED in one Platform!

Builderall is really easy to use, especially if you follow the training and tutorials from their founders.

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