Digital Marketing Success Story [Digital Marketing Case Study of a small business by Digimmerce]

Digimmerce is a full-stack Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore that helps companies & startups to achieve rapid and sustainable growth in terms of both sales & profits through digital marketing strategies.

It’s extremely challenging for any company or startup to acquire customers at a minimal cost to sustain high profits.

Existing digital marketing agencies will –

charge you inappropriately

take advance payment

not share the actual cost of digital marketing

ask you to spend more to acquire more customers

and so on……

So, we created an digital marketing agency that can help companies & startups – to spend as little as possible for acquiring more customers through digital marketing. We focus more on unconventional digital marketing techniques & zero cost marketing growth for our clients.

Focusing on aggressive user acquisition, we find creative ways to hack your digital presence and achieve growth targets. Our results speak for themselves.

Our philosophy is to KISS. No not that one 😉 it defines as “Keep it simple silly” We believe nothing works like simplicity does. The clarity in our thinking manifests into interesting, exciting and easy-to-connect creative solutions.

We follow:
Transparent Pricing
No Minimum Budget Policy
Pay per performance
Plug & Play terms and contracts

We are a team of creative minded, tech savvy, data junkies, digital experts and growth hackers focusing on scaling user growth, engagement and retention for startups & brands.

We can implement these marketing programs end-to-end for you or can work alongside your existing teams.

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