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What is a sales funnel you might ask? A Sales funnel is to help automate your sales process online! Whatever genius decided to make and invent a sales funnel has made internet marketing all over the world so much easier. It is essentially the industrial age to automobiles as the sales funnel is to the online sales process. A sales funnel basically automates the sales process for you and allows you to send more people through a sales process in comparison to you just doing one on one prospecting. So, therefore, a sales funnel is there to help you leverage your time efforts and energy. Once you learn how to properly use a sales funnel, it will help take your business to the next level! A sales funnel will literally help you take your business from novice to the next level! Learning how to conduct a sales funnel is crucial to the up and coming online marketer. Learn how to create a sales funnel asap! Imagine if you could put your business on autopilot! Once you learn about the sales funnel, the next step is to learn how to drive traffic to that sales funnel. There are two types of traffic that you can send to a sales funnel. You can send paid traffic through your sales funnel like Facebook ads, solo ads, and so on. The next type traffic you can send to your sales funnel is organic traffic. Suck as YouTube vids, social media, blogging and so on. The only way a sales funnel works is if you are sending quality traffic to that funnel! The point of the matter is you need to learn how to use a sales funnel now. The people who have mastered creating a high converting sales funnel can make millions in the long run!

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