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What is Digital Marketing?
“Delivering marketing objectives by using digital technologies and communications.”
Digital marketing includes managing different forms of online company proximity, including behaviours, because of company websites, mobile apps, plus social media business pages. That is in association with online interaction methods, including the similarities of search engine marketing, social media marketing, online advertising, e-mail marketing plus partnership agreements with different websites.

The techniques used to improve the goals of getting new customers plus giving help to existing clients that strengthen the customer relationship through E-CRM plus marketing self-regulation. But, for digital marketing to be prosperous, there is yet a need for integration of specific procedures with conventional media such as print, TV, including direct communication as part of multichannel marketing information.

If we study these different interpretations of digital marketing such as that definition of digital marketing of SAS: Something is Digital Marketing plus How? Does it matter? Instead of this alternative interpretation of digital marketing of Wikipedia, we can understand there is a locus for promoting of merchandises plus services adopting digital media preferably than a more in-depth holistic description embracing customer experiences, relationship advancement plus emphasising the value of the multichannel union. So for us, this scope about this term should involve actions over each customer lifecycle:

Digital media plus information channels
Digital plus mobile activities such as web design plus mobile apps
Prospect also customer contact administration for marketing automation
Digital policy and uniting multichannel interactions plus skills
Digital technologies also platform to handle all digital marketing actions
The purpose of digital platforms in promoting integrated multichannel marketing is a critical part of digital marketing, yet is frequently ignored. In several ways, that highlights how essential it is to tear down silos between ‘digital’ plus ‘conventional’ marketing functions. Online channels can further be managed to help the entire purchasing method from pre-sale through purchase to post-sale plus additional improvement of customer relations.

Therefore, digital marketing is concerning using digital technology to deliver marketing goals. There is no inherent requirement for digital marketing regularly to be separate from the marketing department as a complex, as particular aims of both are unique equivalent. But, for now, it continues a helpful term because digital marketing needs a singular skill introduced to use digital technology efficiently.

Digital Marketing Video, Digital Marketing basics| digital marketing introduction| Tutorial,
social media marketing, digital marketing tutorial



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