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You know you should be doing a lot more in the way of email marketing to grow your business, but there’s just so much to know and so much to learn. Where do you begin? Do you need to shell out lots of hard earned money to use a fancy email distribution service, or can you start for free? What content should you include in your emails? When should you send your newsletter to your subscribers? Speaking of subscribers, how do even get people to sign up?

This special episode of How Business Really Works features Pamela DeRitis and colleague Kyle Rollins, owner of Mammoth Solutions digital marketing agency in Atlanta, GA. Pamela and Kyle cover all the big questions of who, what, when and how in your email marketing efforts. Plus, they give lots of tips and tricks on how to use Mailchimp specifically in your email campaigns (hint: it’s free for your first 2,000 subscribers!).

There are some specific guidelines and tactics you should know — and some you must know — in order to conduct effective email campaigns so join us in this discussion! Let us know in the comments below any tips and tricks you may have when it comes to email marketing.

Thanks for joining!

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