Episode 24 – SEO ON Page Optimization Tutorial | On-Page SEO Training

Episode 24 – On Page SEO

Free Basic Digital Marketing Training Course for Entrepreneurs and Businessman

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As a businessman or entrepreneur first you need to know how digital marketing actually works and why you need to follow a particular framework to execute any digital marketing campaign. Without knowing that you will never be able to get the right results, can’t hire the right person, can’t collect actual data, can’t analyse successes and failures. Generally, people do all the hard work right from setting online goals, building an online presence, marketing business to customers. But lack knowledge of how to use digital analytics to analyse success, failure and adapt accordingly. So without digital analytics knowledge after launching digital marketing campaign entrepreneurs and businessmen can’t measure what caused the failed campaign. Many times they stop working to correct it by themselves or fire digital marketing agencies.

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Why Free Digital Marketing Training Course:

Many business owners and entrepreneurs want to execute digital marketing for their business by own because they can’t afford a full-time digital marketer. Makememarketer.com created a 75-byte size chapter-based step by step super helpful free DIY digital marketing execution framework guideline tutorial. What you have to do, why you need to do and how you have to do of all basic elements of digital marketing who are just launching their business online. Each and every small business owner and entrepreneurs especially non-technical people can learn, execute and monitor basic digital marketing campaigns and it’s progressing from our Bangla version of digital marketing tutorial.

How Digital Marketing Works:

Any business digital marketing journey consists of 4 stages. Which is

Stage 1- Prepare a digital marketing goal

Stage 2 – Build a solid digital presence

Stage 3 – Digital marketing of your product and service strategy

Stage 4 – Analyze data for success and failure.

We divide these 4 stages of digital marketing journey into 75-byte size small chapters. Each chapter explained by text and video.

Benefits of learning digital marketing as a business owner

Basic digital marketing knowledge can prevent you from misleading information, guidance, and work.

A businessman can able to make a timeframe and estimate a budget of their own digital marketing campaign i.e how long it will take time to create and execute.

What are the metrics to be tracked, need changes and who can help you.

When you have an estimated timeframe and budget you can project an estimated ROI.

This process is cost-saving in many ways. You can track the real data by yourself, no need to depend on others.

You can save your time and money both because you will have to take your own decisions.

Women entrepreneurs can take these guidelines before launching their business online

Who can take this free digital marketing course

Type 1 – Businessman/Entrepreneurs who are yet to launch a digital marketing campaign but planning to launch one but lack digital knowledge pushing them back.

Type 2 – Businessman/Entrepreneurs who launched business already but not able to see expected success and trying to figure out what went wrong

Type 3 – Businessman/Entrepreneurs who want to learn all the basics to verify and monitor overall digital marketing progress.

If you are a beginner don’t miss any step to learn or else finding that missing step, again you may need to start from the beginning.

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Instructor-Led practical digital marketing training

Makememarketer.com provides 1:1 Instructor-Led practical digital marketing training for job seekers and business owners. Our digital marketing training mission is bridging training and job gaps where people just learn digital theory, not practical marketing. Each Digital Marketing module is led by an instructor. We conduct our class through whiteboard explanations, videos, interactive sessions, live projects, and real-time Q&A during and after the course. We provide end to end digital marketing training program from basic to advanced level along with placement assistance.

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