Free Local Internet Marketing Guide 2014 | Small Business SEO The Local Internet Marketing Guide For 2014 If you are a Small Business trying to attract more customers in a local market you need to download our FREE Local Internet Marketing Blueprint.

Discover what you need to focus on in 2014 if you want to rank your website and Google Plus Local listing on page one of Google.

Local SEO has changed so much in the past year that you may not be doing what is necessary to rank high and attract more customers.

The purpose of our Free Local Internet Marketing guide is to help you keep your small business in tune with what is working online in your local area.

Things change fast online and when Google tweaks their algorithm or adds another update you need to be changing what you do to stay in compliance.

If you are one of the many small business owners that saw your website drop in the rankings it may be because of something you or your Local SEO Company did that angered Google and you got slapped!

The Free Local Internet Marketing Guide for 2014 talks about the important issues facing small business owners regarding online marketing.

1. Your Local Website
2. Google Plus Local Page
3. Social Media Marketing
4. Content Marketing & Distribution
5. Reviews
6. Google Penalties
If you are serious about staying on top of your competition in the search engine rankings go to and download your Free Local Internet Marketing Guide for 2014.



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