Get Your Small Business on the Internet NOW – True Story SEO Tips

Get Your Small Business on the Internet NOW – True Story SEO Tips

One of my clients is a great businessman but he is old school and does not understand the power of Internet Marketing.

Today while working at this job doing window cleaning.

I grabbed the owner of this restaurant and showed him my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and showed him his business in the navigation app..

He rejected internet marketing rejected cell phones and didn’t care about the Internet.

Very smart successful businessman but also old school and his thinking.

I didn’t let him off the hook I explained to him that putting his business on the internet and putting pictures on google maps of hot steaming steaks and plates of shrimp will drive at least 5 more tables per week into his restaurant.

These are guerrilla marketing strategies that you can not ignore when it comes to free online internet marketing for your business.

What are you trying to get a landscaping window cleaning lawn care construction roofing siding gutters business off the ground I don’t care if you’re a plumber the fundamental business strategies of Brock and mortar don’t change

but in 2015… its all about not resisting the power of the Internet.



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