Hotels and Accommodations Are Essential and Can Be Open for Guests in NYS

According to NYSH&TA  “Hotels Removed from Phase 3 Reopening… As the hotel industry is VERY aware, in Governor Cuomo’s PowerPoints for the past week, he has listed hotels as opening in phase 3. Hotels were deemed essential from the start, so they have remained open for business. NYSH&TA, along with its lobby firm, Greenberg Traurig, talked with the Governor’s office and in the official Reopening Guide (see page 32) the oversight was corrected and hotels are not listed. To clarify, if you are a hotel with a restaurant, you will follow the restaurant guidance in phase 3. If you have a gym, you will also follow the guidance for when those are able to open.”

Hotels and Accommodations were initially listed under #2 Essential Infrastracture on this Executive Order in New York State. 

As you can see from the latest reopening guide, hotels and accommodations have been removed from the phases as they were deemed essential from the start in this screenshot from the Governor’s latest Official Reopening Guide.  For those confused, restaurants and bars were also noted as essential retail for take-out/delivery, so that can continue.

Following best practices for sanitation is critical, we have been reporting on this and the Task Force for Warren County will be putting out some guidelines.  In the meantime, we recommend reviewing this interview with Sam Luciano and the hospitality industry best practices resources found on this linked blog page.

Please note, recreation, arts, entertainment and restaurants do not open until we have reached their prospective phases.:

phases for opening from Cuomo showing hotels no longer in phase 3

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