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In this video, I am going to explain how to Digital Marketing like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Google Adwords to get more clients to your banking and Financial Sectors.

You are providing Loans with best interests, with less formalities (like documents) compare to your competitors. And you are spending a lot of money for News Paper ads, Banners, TV Ads etc.,

But you are unable to get clients, WHY?

Suppose you are providing House Loans & Business Loans. Who is your Target Clients, Maybe Educated Peoples, Job Holders etc., You should think in their point of view, Normally in this digital world if we want any product or Service, what we are doing? We are searching on the Internet. Same like Us our Clients who are looking for loans also looking on the Internet.

In my point of view, If anyone wants loans they will believe Word of Mouth and Online. Suppose clients are search like “home loans rates in India” 1600 Searches per Month. If you are not available on Search Engines Automatically you are going to lose your new leads.

Than Coming to Cost of Digital Marketing 1/5th of your newspaper ads.

How can we promote the Banking & Financial sector through Digital Marketing?

Digital Media’s are like Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.,

1st Method: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Our Process:
1. Keyword Research:
2. On Page Optimization
3. Off Page Optimization
4. Analytics

2nd method: Go Social
If you are planning to give brand awareness in Digital Media?
Through Facebook ads we can focus our target audience like Age, Gender, Location, Job Designation, Interest etc., with these Facebook ads we can create brand awareness, Leads generation etc.,

Methos3: Google Adwords
These Google ads show up on google when potential customers type in the relevant keywords in Search Engine.

Undoubtedly, the availability of potential customers online is more than anywhere else.
Our CES providing no. of Digital marketing Promotions to promote Banks, Financial Organizations etc.,

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