How Digital Marketing Strategy Benefited Canada based Solar Products Company? – A Success Story

How does a Well-Planned Digital Marketing Strategy Benefited a ‘Solar Products’ Company?
Know how well planned and organized digital marketing campaigns can help companies in increasing their revenues with a success story of Canada based solar products company.


• Well planned and organized marketing Strategy – increasing revenues
• Digital marketing tools – brands – achieve greater reach and visibility
• We Opal have been providing – Digital Marketing and Web Design & Development since 1998
• Our Expertise – better than the best solutions

Company Background and Challenges

• Our clients – Canada – Deals in ‘Solar Products and Renewable Energy’
• Since its inception – facing difficulties – Designing strong marketing strategy.
• Highly dependent on industrial exhibitions and traditional advertising – an expensive way of marketing
• Vision – Market leader – Even after spending such high budget – No desired results
• Wide reach and effectiveness of digital marketing – Worked with couple of local digital marketing companies – no satisfactory results
• Eventually in 2017-started searching for Digital Marketing Partner – came to know about Opal Info from Google search results.
• They contacted us with a vision – improving brand presence digitally – generate more business inquiries
Strategic Marketing Solution by Opal Infotech
• As a 1st assignment – asked us to develop a customized energy calculator on their website – Our development team designed – impressed
• Looking at the quality of work – chose us as their Digit Marketing Partner
• Our expert DM team – Analyzed previous Marketing strategy – found major flaws
• 1st step – google ads and remarketing campaigns for 6 months
• Considering the situation – Feedback call at 15 days – progress
• Because of well-planned strategy – started seeing good results within 6 months
• Considering the company’s vision of improving brand presence – Google ads from branding
• It was a great success and we got great feedback from them

Web Design & Development Solutions by Opal Infotech

• Considering rising popularity of e-Commerce – wanted to create e Commerce website – link with their inventory management system – Zoho
• Approached many companies – none were able to help with their requirement – Finally, they approached us with their requirements
• Looking at a complexity – highly skilled web design & development team – challenge.
• Because of sheer hard work and intelligence – completed successfully

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Google Shopping Campaigns and Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns
• After creating ecommerce website – started shopping campaigns – increase website traffic and online orders
• Again this campaign was successful – customers started giving feedback about visibility of ads on google
• Strategically we followed it up- dynamic remarketing campaign on google and Facebook – sharp increase in their online orders
• Having good success with shopping campaigns – they wanted to improve their ranking on search pages – we started working on Search Engine Optimization – translated into results – more than 26000 new users in one year
• The price range of solar products varies from $25 to $7000. We can imaging the benefits the company would have got by having 26000 new visitors to their website.

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Results of the Strategy
• Opal Infotech was able to help – achieving goal with help – DM and Web Design and Development
• Today this company – Market leader in Canada – have good brand presence in Renewable Energy industry.
• With the help of our expert solution – the company benefitted in many ways – Strong brand positioning – Elimination of competition – High quality leadership and human resource – Stable operations – Cost Reduction – higher revenues and profit
• We, Opal Infotech, are very proud on our client’s success and look forward a long-term association with them.

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