How hotels are preparing for visitors in a world of Covid-19 – Interview with Sam Luciano of the Fort William Henry Hotel

In this video, Sam Luciano shares with us about the Warren County task force that is working  help the region get ready to open safely for tourism and he shares how the Fort William Henry Resort is plans to handle housekeeping, disinfection and safety.

Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

  • The Warren County Task force focus is to get the county ready for the opening of businesses after phase one is over.  The county will be putting together video seminars to help the tourism operators to make sure all the plans are in place.
  • Sam’s first move was to survey his guests to learn what matters most to them. Their number one concern was safety.
  •  Sam details out how he will be outfitting his housekeeping team and a special task force to use the UV-C units.  The hotel will be using the same technology that is in use in many hospitals, UV-C light.   To learn more about the evaluation of the use, learn more at the National Institute of Health.  Using UVC light is a serious endeavor therefore we caution those thinking about using UV-C light to be trained on the proper use and research the pros and cons.  Sam details the the disinfecting procedures and how the UV-C works in this video.  Larson
  • He further details the timing from when a guest leaves the room to when it will be ready for use again.
  • The resort will be using ProKure and  MediClean to disinfect common areas.
  • He shares the activities that people are most interested in and not surprisingly guests are interested in activities that are “sun activity” based: hiking, sitting on the beach, boating, biking, motorcycle rides and sitting by the pool.
  • The resort will be videotaping the cleaning procedures to share the measures that they are taking to keep people as safe as possible.

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