How To Personalize Your Emails: Email Marketing Guide

Trying to improve your open rates? Want to see a lift in click engagement? Hoping for an increase in conversions? Look no further. We’ve put together the ultimate guide on how email personalization can take your email program to the next level!

Learn the building blocks of personalizing your email program to increase engagement and drive conversions. From gathering subscriber data, to building audience segments and inserting dynamic & real-time content.

Watch to see how to bring all these pieces together. For example: ask subscribers to fill in some basic information about themselves, such as their name and birthday. You can use this to trigger a birthday email and insert their name within the subject line or copy. Insert dynamic product content based off segments you’ve created about their click behavior in previous emails. You could even tailor your product offering with real-time content based on the weather!

For more information on personalizing your email marketing, check out our guide here:



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