Internet Marketing Tips: Avoid the Three Too's

Bryon Lape is back with more Internet marketing tips. Many people make the same common mistakes in their marketing. Three common mistakes are what Bryon calls the three too’s:
– too serious
– too much selling
– too long

Although marketing efforts should be taken seriously, do not come across as too serious in them. Doing so leads to an air of stuffiness and makes many think too much of a corporation. Think of marketing that works. Budweiser had their frogs, Miller had a dog, Go Daddy has sexual innuendo with beautiful women and even Subway has their Jared. Each of these marketing efforts work as they don’t take themselves too seriously. The latter not only has good humor, it also added a personal testimonial.

The end goal of any marketing is to increase sales, that is a given. Another common mistake is to make the whole campaign targeted around only selling. The offer is made too early. The pitch is all sales. People will back away from that. They want to know how your product or service will help them with their pain, not how great a salesperson who believe yourself to be. Lead people to the sale, yes. Flash buy, buy, buy in their face, no.

A third common mistake is for the advertisement to be too long. Pre-canned landing pages are one of the largest culprits here. These pages go on and on how great this new business opportunity is. Perhaps worse, they use a video that drones for several minutes and says nothing. People hold their time as valuable. Be respectful to that and make your point. The goal of a line of copy is to get the prospect to read the next. The goal of an idea in a video is to get the prospect to listen to the next idea and then the next. If all your marketing does is fill the page or drone on for ever with seeming to have a point, the prospect will leave and may never return.

Avoid these three common mistakes in Internet marketing. Get on-line, get to your point, keep your audience engaged and move them to the next step. Your success is waiting.



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