JCC Yello Digital Marketing Excellence Award Nominee: Nestle

The JCC Yello Digital Marketing Excellence Award is about a mission of enabling marketers to drive innovation and enduring business value in an increasingly dynamic and digitally connected world.

Anchoring Yello’s mission for this award are four (4) key pillars:

1. To cultivate inspiration, by driving innovation in the use of Digital Marketing platforms

2. To build the digital marketing appreciation and capabilities of organizations through fostering know-how and confidence

3. To champion the effectiveness and impact of digital through tangible ROI

4. To advocate and support the growth of digital Marketing

This year, there are two (2) nominees for this prestigious award.

The JCC Yello Digital Marketing Excellence Award will be presented to the company and its associated marketing campaign that utilized the digital channels in an innovative and creative manner, and as an integral part of their marketing efforts to achieve desired results. This year’s focus is on “branding” with a closer look on the following judging criteria:

1. Strategy – We will look for information and understanding of the business/and or marketing challenge along with a solid Digital Marketing Strategy to address this.

2. Execution – How was the campaign implemented, how creative and sophisticated was the campaign in its use of digital advertising and cross-media integration and what impact did it have on the market?

3. Creativity – We will look at consumer engagement, the unique use of digital media types and the creativity dynamics and integration with the overall campaign.

4. Results – We will look at both qualitative and quantitative data to support claim of success. Did the campaign achieve its objectives and goals?

Good luck to our nominees!



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