Marketing Tips With Meliss- Ep. 163: Success Comes From Planning

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What are you planning for your launch? …

You need to have a program you can easily communicate to your target market.

What is your plan?

In order to get money into your business, you have to launch things.

Are you stuck in the creation of your launch?

The good news is- you create your own schedule and your own time constraints.

In this episode, I speak with about how success comes from planning….

• You have to launch and create new things to bring clients into your business
• You contact with your clients by launching programs
• In order to reach your target market, you must have a plan

Tune into this 10-minute episode + I speak about how success comes from planning + and share ways you can plan

Key Points:

• You are your own boss. You create and plan everything for your business as an entrepreneur.
• The more creative you are, the more creativity flows to you and the more resourceful you become.
• Its simple, in order to be successful in the launch of your programs you have to have a plan.
• I share examples of ways you can plan successfully for your launch!

Release Date
20 Feb 2020

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