My Digital Marketing Strategy for Digital Deepak

In this video, you will learn my digital marketing strategy for my personal brand “Digital Deepak” and how I have designed my Funnel.

This is the most comprehensive digital marketing strategy video I’ve ever made and it is more than an hour long. I am sorry for making such a long video, but such a complex strategy needs time to explain.

I have covered:

1) Positioning Strategy
2) Branding Strategy
3) Audience Building Strategy
4) Audience Engagement Strategy
5) Subscriber to Customer Conversion Strategy
6) Revenue Maximization Strategy

With the reference of my strategy, you can build your own personal branding strategy.

This strategy works for me because I have seen it working and the results speak for themselves. 🙂

Looking forward to your comments and feedback on this strategy video.

Deepak Kanakaraju



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