Network Marketing Success Stories

In this video I introduce you to two network marketing success stories Michelle and Bill Pescosolido and Ray Higdon. What they have achieved so far and where they went to receive training to becoming network marketing success stories.

What all network marketing success stories have in common:
1: A sincere desire to succeed.
They have a well defined “why.” For example Michelle Pescosolido talks about how she was told she would never amount to nothing by people close to her and she used that to fuel her desire and to prove them wrong. Ray was laughed at and criticised by his warm market when approaching them, he met a beautiful partner and his desire sky rocketed soon after.

2: Persistence.
Both of these network marketing success stories are stories of persistence. They had to endure all sorts of hardships before becoming successful. If you are experiencing any kind of hardship from your business have faith that the top earners in the industry were in your shoes at some point. So never quit!

3: They discovered and applied attraction marketing and the funded proposal concepts.
These concepts are simply a must for success now days. You’ve gotta have yourself a strong online presence. But you’ve also gotta know how to develop an online presence correctly. You can learn all about that here:

0:24 – Network marketing success stories #1: Michelle and Bill Pescosolido – They struggled in the beginning without knowledge of attraction marketing and the funded proposal concept. They did the usual thing if approaching warm markets pitching the business to anyone with a pulse. Once they discovered attraction marketing and the funded proposal concept though they built a six figure income within 6 months, retired Bill from his healthy corporate America salary and signed 32 reps in 5 weeks.
You can purchase Michelle’s Facebook marketing course here:

1:23 – Network marketing success stories #2: Ray Higdon – Ray failed in 11 different network marketing companies before discovering the attraction marketing and funded proposal concepts. Was completely broke and his home went into foreclosure in 2009. Ray is now a millionaire earner in the industry.
You can purchase Ray’s course on prospecting and sponsoring here:

Are you going to be added to the list of network marketing success stories? To receive the same training these guys received before they became network marketing success stories click this link.

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