Network Marketing Success Story: Kim Ward

Interview With A Network Marketing Rock Star
Kim Ward

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An overview of what you can expect in this interview…
0:01:35;04 Kim shares how she’s been in Network Marketing since 8 years old
0:09:40;04 Kim shares how 2016 has been defining for her business
0:10:07;26 Kim discusses the mistakes of her past Network Marketing process
0:11:21;12 Kim opens up about what changed it all for her
0:12:30;00 Kims discusses how sharing her Network Marketing journey with her family is powerful
0:13:03;05 What Kim’s family decided to do together
0:14:08;26 How this has impacted everything for her business
0:14:39;20 Kim shares her hardest obstacle she’s faced in Network Marketing
0:16:05;00 Kim shares a secret to Network Marketing Success
0:17:58;07 Kim shares the BEST thing that’s come from being successful with Network Marketing
0:19:59;01 It’s all about relationships
0:21:16;15 Kim shares yet another Network Marketing Success secret
0:24:19;08 The BEST advice Kim has received
0:27:39;15 What Kim would do differently if she started over in Network Marketing
0:29:52;09 What Kim’s advice is to someone curious about Network Marketing
0:31:14;10 What Kim hopes you to take away from her story
0:31:57;03 Where you can connect with Kim online

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