Rank and Rent Online Business Video #8

If you want to make money with the rank and rent model then watch this video and take action.

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Sometimes it’s just that easy.

My name is Terry Smiley and I make money online using free traffic that anyone can access.

I put up a website, get it up on Google and then rent it out to a business owner.

Some people call it “rank and rent” or lead generation but to me it’s just my secret online business.

These websites are like digital real estate that you can have for years and years.

Heck why not keep them forever.

Check out the video above first and then click the link below to find out more, in a free webinar I put together for those who have watched the video.


Lover of internet marketing and all of the moving parts. Started marketing in 1997, boy that really shows my age. Lol. I’ve always been an opportunity junkie and these days with the internet there is SO much opportunity that I think everyone should be doing business online. I’m the founder of Questmark Digital marketing. We do lead generation for local businesses. I also create digital products to help others get into their own online business. Our first online business in 1997 really took off and then life happened and I had to start over, but every entrepreneur has gone through ups and downs. I now run Questmark Digital full time and loving it, but always looking to improve what I’m doing with a focus on helping others.

Terry Smiley



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