Social Media Marketing Basics with Barrie Moran

In this video we dive into the world of digital marketing with Barrie Moran from Purple Imp, a digital marketing agency based in Dundee. Barrie is speaking at our event “Business Growth through Social Media” on Tuesday 19th November and we thought it would be great to catch up with him and pick his brain before the event.

In turn, Barrie gives great advice on how to get started, why not to be scared of social media, how important social media marketing is to businesses and what you can do today to get the ball rolling.

Barrie is the founder and owner of Purple Imp, a digital marketing agency that offer the full package of online services for your business.

We are looking forward to our social media event, which will see us taking a break from purely property-related information and open it up to anyone who has a business or personal brand to market.

You can contact Barrie at:

Here is the link to your event if your quick enough to grab tickets!:



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