Storytelling Start-Up – Newly-Minted MBA Launches Personalized Greeting Card Company

After graduating from Texas Tech University Alex Kurkowski went to work in the Alcohol industry. Then after three years of as he calls it “drinking for a living,” Alex transitioned to the pharmaceutical industry, and then got an MBA. So what’s a newly-minted MBA to do? He launched Tellinga, a personalized greeting card company (

We love start-up stories, so Richard “Capt’n” Henderson and Sherilyn Colleen interview Alex Kurkowski, who has an inspiring story that weaves success with helping aspiring artists. His entrepreneurial story also shows that you can prosper in a start-up not welded to the Internet!

Subjects include:
* How did Alex Kurkowski go from “Texas Tech and alcohol” into the start-up world?
* How Alex came up with the unique business model to start Tellinga
* The Tellinga greeting card process
* How Alex raised capital and financed Tellinga including using Airbnb
* how long did it take to get Tellinga on a stable footing?
* Linking Tellinga into online marketing and social media
* How Tellinga gives back by helping aspiring artists
* Alex Kurkowski’s plans for the future of Tellinga

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