The Benefits of Using Social Media in Healthcare

Healthcare practices are busy.

It’s hard to stay on top of everything in this time-consuming industry. But patients demand that organizations keep up with social trends, and that includes having a social media presence.

Adding this to your plate might not seem like a priority especially if you’re having trouble getting patients through the door. But social media can actually help with that.

It might be overwhelming just thinking about adding another to-do your laundry list of daily activities, but this marketing technique can benefit your organization in so many ways.


The number one reason you should use social media is because your patients are using it.

2.65 billion people worldwide use social media. This is expected to increase to 3.1 billion by 2021. 80% of patients that were surveyed said they’ve made a health-related search in the past year. Not only that, but 63% of them said they would choose one healthcare provider over another if they have a strong social presence. If your organization is on social media, these patients will see you when they search for these health topics.

Social media will help you build relationships with these patients before they even come into your office. 54% of millennials and 42% of all adults say they’d like to follow or be friends with their health professionals on social media. If patients can connect with you through social media, they’ll be more inclined to visit your office and feel more comfortable when they come for appointments since they’re familiar with you.

Since so many people are on social media, this gives you the chance to educate them on health topics. There’s so much fake news, especially related to healthcare. False information spreads six times faster than the truth. This is why it’s important that credible information is out there, and your organization can help do that. Social media gives you the chance to spread awareness on certain health topics, and promote a healthy lifestyle.

This platform also gives you the chance to brag a little bit about your success. You can post about activities that your organization is doing within the community, showing that you care for your patients. You can also showcase any achievements and accomplishments, proving that you’re a credible and trustworthy practice.

Social media is also a great way to share customer success stories through testimonials and reviews. 42% of those who view health information on social media look at health-related customer reviews. When viewers see positive testimonials, they’ll be more likely to visit you. 92% of customers will hesitate to use a service if it lacks reviews entirely. That’s why it’s so important that you’re on social media and sharing testimonials, so that prospective patients will consider coming to you.

Using social media helps you reach a larger audience that you wouldn’t otherwise reach. People such as reporters or bloggers may link back to you, or decide to feature you on their own pages. This helps you reach even more audiences that you weren’t even targeting.

Not only does using social media attract new patients, but it can also attract other professionals who might want to work for your practice or can help your organization in some way. 90% of physicians use social media, and 65% are using it specifically for professional reasons. This is a great way to network with other professionals.

Our final benefit is that social media is a cost-effective form of marketing. There’s no startup cost. While it takes time developing a marketing strategy, social media platforms are free to use. This will help you start getting experience and reaching more audiences, and eventually, you can choose to invest more into it such as through advertising. Plus, the new patients you gain through social media marketing will lead to more company revenue.

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