The Ultimate Step by Step Digital Marketing Strategy

This is a step by step digital marketing strategy that anyone can use.

It’s perfect for bloggers and content creators, affiliate marketers and CPA, freelancers, service providers, coaches and even e-commerce stores.

This marketing strategy will give you a big picture overview of how to grow an audience and convert them into customers.

This is the plan that’s proven to work on the Internet.

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Hey guys I’ve got an absolutely killer digital marketing strategy for you today.

I’m going to give you ten steps it’s great an awesome marketing strategy and this is perfect for bloggers, content creators, it’s really good for affiliate marketers, CPA marketers, is good for coaches mentors, freelancers, service providers, influencers and it’s really effective if you run in an e-comm store.

Practically anyone who’s doing business on the Internet can benefit from this digital marketing strategy.

It’s ten steps they’re all really easy:

It all starts with knowing your audience. What does it actually mean?

You have to know the aspirational group that they want to belong to.

What is an aspirational group? If you want a good example, look at how Apple did it versus PC. Apple created a campaign way back almost two decades ago, called “get a Mac”.

Also know the demographics; gender, location, income level, education.

And most importantly you have to know the psychographics.

What are psychographics? The values, interests, motivations of your audience.

So when you communicate with them you have to communicate that you share the same values, or maybe you’ve shared the same struggle?

You can communicate that through storytelling.

Next you have to know your specific goals. Know where you’re going.

Because if you don’t know where you’re going you’re not going get anywhere.

So how do you figure out what your specific goals are?

If it’s money, then think about how much money you want to make every month in order to replace that boring nine-to-five job.

Or maybe you are making your living on the Internet and you just want to make more money. Well how much more? How much more do you need to increase your conversion rate by?

Then when you know that, you have to do keyword research.

So there’s a few reasons why we do keyword research.

The first one is to validate your ideas, to make sure that there’s an audience receptive to those ideas because of no one’s searching for your ideas, or what you want you intend to offer, there’s no audience, no buyers, or there’s no money, so you have to validate your ideas.

Then you create educational content.

The content must be educational because it needs to take your visitors on a journey to help them solve a problem.

It also needs to be evergreen content.

Next is choosing the right marketing channels. That sounds kind of obvious but the right marketing channels are actually wherever your audience hangs out in large numbers.

For the more marketing strategies, watch the video above.

And if there’s anything here that you need more help with let me know.

Just tell me in the comments.

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