Video Marketing Tips For Small Business : How To Create A Sales Video

How To Create a Sales Video. Check out our website for more information about the benefits of video marketing for business.

Video Marketing Tips For Small Business : How To Make a Sales Video

Today’s video marketing tips for businesses video I am going to talk about the how to create a sales video for small local businesses.

6 Steps to Making the Perfect Sales Video

Hi my name is Paul Birkett from Blue Square Management.

Today’s video marketing tips for businesses video I am going to talk about the 6 Steps to Creating the Perfect Sales Video.

Recently, video has become a must-have tool for online and offline businesses in their sales strategy.

However most business owners often don’t know how to create a perfect sales video and this video tries to break down a sales video into its essential parts so that any business owner can create one for their products or services on sale.

1. Have an Introduction

It’s always good to start by introducing yourself and your business.

Never dive straight into your sales pitch as that will immediately turn off your prospects.

People like to buy from people they know and trust, so by introducing yourself and your business first, you will have scored points with your prospects.

2. What’s the Problem

The next thing to do is to talk about the problem your prospect may be having that your product or service solves.

At this stage you just want to talk about the problem and not your product.

Based on your market research, you should know the exact pains and frustrations your prospect is experiencing with the problem.

A great way to identify with their problem is to relate a personal story of your own where you have experienced the same problem.

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3. What’s the Solution

The next thing to do is to present a hypothetical solution to your prospect.

You stir up their desire for a solution to their problem by presenting a “what if” solution theory.

For example, maybe their problem has been having to drive across town to attend night school.

Your “what if” solution theory, could be “what if you could attend night school from the comfort of your home?”

4. Present your Product

This is when to actually introduce your product and service into the video message.

Having identified with your prospect’s pain and aroused their desire for a solution, you can now showcase your product and its benefits.

5. The Call to Action

This part of the video is when you tell your prospect what to do to access your product.

You tell them how, when and where to get your product or service, whether online or offline.

6. Repeat your Call to Action

The final part of your video is to back up your call to action with justifiable reasons such as a special price offer or limited availability of your offer.

You can also read client testimonials or include their videos into your message.

All this helps you to repeat and emphasize your call to action.

Thanks for watching this video and I hope you found it useful.

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Video Marketing Tips For Small Business : How To Create a Sales Video



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