What You Can Learn from Airbnb and PayPal's SEO Strategies | Podcast #129

In this week’s episode of the Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast, Tim is joined by the former SEO Manager of Airbnb and PayPal, Tommy Griffith.

Tommy has some amazing stories about his time at Airbnb and PayPal including his own experience of the eternal conflict between SEO and User Experience (UX).

Here’s a brief outline of some of the questions we ask Tommy and the topics covered in this episode:

– Just how cool was it working on SEO campaigns for monster companies like Airbnb and PayPal?
– What did a typical day look like?
– What do their internal SEO and Content Team structures look like, and how important is SEO in their digital marketing campaigns?
– What KPIs were you working towards? Was it the standard organic conversions, traffic and ranking that most of us will be familiar with or, with so many variables like huge branded traffic and mammoth organic link acquisition, was it something entirely different?
– Do you have any examples of specific tests you ran at Airbnb and/or PayPal?
– How was it working with the other teams on the sites, and how did you ensure that the SEO considerations were prioritised?
– Traffic: Lots of businesses are working on the Inbound model, i.e. casting a wide net with informational content to drive traffic for lower commercial keywords in order to build relationships with potential customers. What’s your take on this approach, and was it a consideration at these sites or where they just focussed on commercial traffic?

As ever, huge thanks go to Tommy for joining us on the show and sharing his stories!

Make sure you check out https://www.clickminded.com/ and the awesome 90’s gaming style Digital Marketing Strategy Guides that Tommy talks about in the episode.

You can also connect with Tommy on Twitter: @TommyGriffith

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